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Structure and governance

“The Spanish rail industry is a global benchmark. Its companies are at the forefront of knowledge, experience, and technology. This leadership position is the result of years of work and continuity through specialisation, investment in R&D and excellence in service. Those integrated in international groups have also here world’s leading state-of-the-art and excellence centres to innovate, manufacture and export from Spain to the entire world. Our industry is synonymous with rigour, professionalism, and cutting-edge solutions. The ultimate goal of Mafex is to be a lever to help, a facilitator for our companies to be even more competitive, innovative and among the most technologically advanced.”

Víctor RuizPresident of Mafex

Organisation structure



Pedro Fortea

General Director

Aitor Ballestero

Head of Business Development and Strategic Intelligence

Garazi Carranza Ruiz de Loizaga

Head of Innovaion

Ainara González

Head of Trade Policy and Institutional Relations

Patricia Lasheras

Head of Marketing & Comunications

Ane Fernández Armendia

International Trade Advisor

Olatz Amorrortu

R&D and Talent Project Manager

Eneko Rada

R&D Project Engineer

Sofia Olaso


Collaborating entities

To boost the defense of the interests of the Spanish railway sector from within Mafex we are present and participate in several business and institutional forums of which we are a member such as UNIFE* (Association of the European Rail Supply Industry) or CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations).

Furthermore, we are officially acknowledged by the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism as a collaborating association of the Ministry in matters of internationalisation, or by the Basque Government and SPRI as a railway cluster.

We also collaborate regularly with the Ministry of Transports and Sustainable Mobility, Adif, Renfe Operadora, the Spanish Railways Foundation, the Spanish Railway Technological Platform, ICEX Spain export and Investment, CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) and MetroTenerife amongst others.

We also collaborate internationally with the UITP (International Association of Public Transport) and with Alamys (the Latin American Association of Metros and Subways).

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Mafex is members of the AGEX Group, a federation that brings together three other industrial sector associations in Spain (AGRAGEX, SIDEREX and FUNDIGEX).



Become a member

Members Benefits

  • Dialogue with the administrations, collaborators, and institutions.
  • Access to greater opportunities for development and improvement of the competitiveness of the company.
  • Market intelligence and strategic information at the service of the company.
  • Opportunity search through internationalisation and foreign promotion actions such as grouped fairs, meetings, forums, and commercial delegations.
  • Help to identify lines of action in the field of competitiveness and innovation and participation in working groups and projects.
  • Promotion and dissemination of partners’ information through the web, magazine, and social networks, etc.